Durres is the second largest city of Albania, it has the form of a Bay and stands in the Adriatic Coast. The second largest port of the Balkans is situated there with a variety of options regarding passenger and cargo transportation. The soft sand of Durrës, which stays warm from May to September, the buzzing atmosphere of this major seaside town, and its close vicinity to the capital, make the beautiful beaches of this seaside town the most popular weekend destinations, year-round. The beaches of Durrës are especially nostalgic for the local population as they were historically the most frequented by families and, while the nostalgic air still lingers, the town has become a veritable modern international touristic attraction .The Capital Tirana stands only 38 km east of Durres and the airport only 20 km east of Durres.  In this city we have 1+1 and 2+1 apartments for rent.

Very comfortable for 3 adults or 2 adults + 2 children

Refrigerator provided with fruits and vegebatles offered from the house on the arrival day .

Shortest booking: 3 days

Price: Starting from 35 €  

Lalzi Bay Beach

30 km north of Durrës, hiding behind beautiful tall trees and the songs of the cicadas, the Lalzi Bay Beach is perhaps the most popular and populated beach along the long Adriatic coast. The beach retains very high standards and has become a social hotspot for locals and tourists. It extends from St. Peter (Shën Pjetër) towards Rrushkull and offers spectacular views of the tree-lined cliffs behind as well as the beautiful Adriatic Sea. Its many recreational facilities keep the people busy playing beach volley and all kinds of other sports. In the hot summer months, in particular, the bars and restaurants are packed. In this area we manage apartament in villas building 1+1 and 2+1 with sea view .

All the apartaments are furnished with high standard.The yard sown with trees and flowers.

Very comfortable for 4 adults or 3 adults + 2 children.

09 Jun – 30 Jun  ⇒ 485 euro /week

01 Jul – 13 Jul    ⇒ 575 euro / week

14 Jul – 17 Aug  ⇒ 670 euro / week

18 Aug – 31 Aug ⇒575 euro / week

02 Sept – 14 Sept ⇒485 euro /week



The journey into the famous Albanian Rivera begins in Vlora, the meeting point between the Adriatic and the Ionian Seas, and one of the largest coastal cities of Albania. Home to Albania’s independence in 1912, this city is at once home to the traditional polyphonic music, exquisite culinary delicacies, a vibrant nightlife, and some of the best beaches of the south. Beautiful waters, lush forests, and historic monasteries of the Zvërnec, the spectacular island of Karaburun, and the Lagoon of Narta, housing the country’s richest flora and fauna are only some! The Port of Vlorë is closer in proximity than any other to the port of BariApulia in southeastern Italy, and is just 70 nautical miles (130 km) from Salento‘s coasts. With 300 sunny days per year is a good location to stay for business or vacations. In Vlorë there are three functioning museums: the Independence Museum, the Historic Museum and the Ethnographic Museum of Vlorë. Each museum discovers different characteristics of the Vloran history. Acctually Vlorë has turned into a modern city, with modern new buildings and many green spaces. The Lungomare Vlora Waterfront Project is very modern .

Apartament  1+ 1 is perfect for 3 adults.

Apartment 2+1 perfect for 4 adults or 3 adults + 1 children under 5 years old

Apartament  1+ 1  Apartment 2+1 
11 May – 8 Jun 338 euro /week 285 euro /week
08 Jun – 06 Jul 429 euro /week 365 euro / week
06 jul – 13 jul  585 euro / week 494 euro /week
13 jul – 17 aug 650 euro / week 550 euro / week
17 aug – 24 aug  585 euro/ week 495 euro / week
24 aug – 31 aug  429 euro /week 365 euro / week
31 aug – 14 sept 338 euro week 285 euro /week