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Visiting Berat city will be a unique experience of your lifetime. Explore the city of thousand windows, a UNESCO World Heritage site, historic architecture of the Ottoman period and one of the few cities with an inhabited castle nowadays.

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Starting Point: 8:30 at your hotel in Tirana, Albania
Ending Point: 17:30 at your hotel in Tirana, Albania
Approx. Duration: 9 hours
Languages: English, Italian, French, German.



  • Explore a local guide the UNESCO heritage city and the vivid traces of the Ottoman period.
  • Visit the inhabited castle and the National Iconographic Museum “Onufri”.
  • See the main object cults of three of the largest religions peacefully coexist.
  • Have entrance fees to historical sites included?



1 Person: € 96 per person
2 Person: € 74 per person
3 Person: € 69 per person
4 Person: € 58 per person
5 Person: € 48 per person
6 Person: € 39 per person

– Hotel pick-up and drop off
– Entrance fee to Berat Castel, Onufri Museum. 
– Private guide in English, Italian, French, German.
– Transportation
– Meals and drinks

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