Behind this website stands a family composed of 5 members, mom, dad and 3 girls.

The bond with tourism happened 10 years ago with small but confident steps. Ticketing, Hotel booking, short tours.

In the begining we invited friends, as we have been working for international organizations, who after leaving Albania, at the end of mission, loved to return as tourists. They had the occasion to experience an Albania different from the official one.
At the same time we have been working with Albania groups to explore the beauties of our country, with school groups, teachers, elder, going from the rustic north to the sunny south. We have been discovering new places both in Albania and Kosovo, pristine nature beauties.
As the years went by and we grew up professionally foreign agencies asked for our support in regards to tour organization and support in tour guiding given our knowledge in Italian, Greek, English and German. We have partecipate in difrent tourism fair .

After years of experience we have designed a unique packet “Weding on Beach” which is patent of “Incredible Albania”. Starting the matrimonial life looking the sunset and dacing under tha stars is a wonderful begin, and we can make it true.

This year we have employed new staff , young boys and girls, we have open the door for pepole who love tourism.


We love our country and we share the opinion that it is not only beautiful but also special following the wark welcoming reserved to the foreigners in the past centuries. Lord Bajron was one of the foreigners who was amazed by the tradition, culture, costumes and hospitality in south Albania.
When you book your trip with us ju also support the small local businesses, who believe that there will be a better future for their children in Albania. Albania needs support and we will play our part in the change. We decided to give 5% of the yearly income to the initiative “Read and donate a book”.
Let us show you an interesting Albania, with traditions, history and legends, myths and natural beauties piled up in 28 square kilometers where one can find the blue deep sea, the high mountains, lakes, rivers and a nice smile. Enjoy Albania