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The Lost Gem of Europe with Beautiful Beaches 2021

Many of us may not know that Mother Theresa was from Albania. Just like the kindest person the world has ever come across, Albania has so much beauty and cultural history to offer. Sparkling white sand with turquoise seas........


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Winery Tour in Berat for an Amazing Wine Tasting Experience

Berat is a historical city known for its Mediterranean climate in Albania. The warm, dry, and slightly chilly weather is best suited for grape cultures. It is located two hours drive from the capital, Tirana. A lush green valley,.....


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North of Albania:

A Fairytale Adventure of a Lifetime Awaits You

North of Albania also known as Ghegeria, offers alluring sceneries to the explorer. Rozafa Castle, rocky coast of Lake Skadar, Ancient Ottoman trading cities, untouched traditional life, and scenic ferry and trekking routes charms every soul. Hiking and rafting are some of....


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Exploring Tirana:

Berat and Gjirokaster: Cultural Heritage of Albania

The land of fairytale castles and breathtaking beauty, Albania, is in Balkans. This South European country is a refreshing place to be. With two cities as UNESCO cultural heritage i.e., Berat and Gjirokaster, Albania has so much to offer. From lush green fields.....


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Llogara Pass:

5 Things to Do at Llogara Pass, Albania for the Love of Adventure

Travel is one of the most popular ways to come across new things and cultures. Many people search for adventure in their journey. If you are one of them, you are in luck. Llogara Pass, Albania is just the place for the sporty adventure that will make you feel alive...


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Boating in the Blues of Vlorë, An Unforgettable Tour

Albania is a country of many hidden gems, one of them is Vlorë. The coastal town of this Balkan country is filled with many breathtaking views. The pristine blue waters with the ancient Greek history around make it a perfect spot for a laid-back trip. . Vlorë is in Southern Albania...

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Albania :

Trendy albanian celebrities.

They are our pride, they are our ispiration, they are from Albania , an old and fascinating Land.Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg is the Albanian National Hero. He lived in the period 1405 – 1468. At the age of 30 he left the ottoman army in the battlefield and returned to Albania to get the Ottomans out of the country.


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What To Do Berat?

Berat, also known as the City of Thousand Windows, is a delightful UNESCO city full of Ottoman-era houses, remarkable fortress constructions, and mystical churches and mosques, all nestled on the side of the hills and mountains that sandwich the Osum River and waiting to be explored.

Jale Beach Albania

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Beaches In Albania

It was only a decade ago that travellers truly discovered Albania’s rugged coastline. Its traditional villages nestled between golden beaches and remote bays were an irresistible combination. Despite the fact that much has changed, the Albanian Riviera is still known for its natural beauty