Albania The Lost Gem Of Europe With Beautiful Beaches

Albania is a beautiful and historically significant country in Southeastern Europe. This idyllic country, bordered by Greece and Italy, is widely recognized for its archaeological sites, splendid castles, and pristine beaches. Albania beaches are breathtakingly beautiful, with spectacular views and sparkling, crystalline water.

Let’s look into  some of the best beaches that you can visit during your trip to Albania:

Grama Bay

Grama Bay is a small but beautiful cove on Albania’s Ionian Sea coast, nearly surrounded by high, rocky cliffs. This semi-secret tiny beach is one of the true gems of the Albanian coast, and it has yet to be spoiled by mass tourism. If you make it here, you will not be disappointed; the crystal clear azure water rivals anything Greece has to offer, and the colour is accentuated by the white of the beach and cliffs before giving way to the green vegetation. 

The bay is surrounded by two national parks: the mountain ranges Llogara National Park and the Karaburun-Sazan Marine Park. This not only ensures the future protection of the surrounding scenery but also means the area is a haven for wildlife, including one of the world’s rarest seal species, the Mediterranean monk seal. 

Livadi Beach

Albania is an underappreciated gem with many amazing places along its coastline, the crown jewel being Livadi Beach. This opulent retreat is famous all across the Mediterranean for its picturesque coastline, deep blue watery depths, and olive trees that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Livadi beach is one of the largest on Albania’s Southeastern Mediterranean coast, spreading more than 1.2 kilometres and boasting more than 6 metres of sparkling white sand. The north side of the beach, known as Gonia, is famous for its incredible marble stones and incredible rock formations.

The beach also has a lovely little aquarium with exotic fish and nearby elegant, yet relaxed, dining areas. Livadi Beach is a true Mediterranean treasure, combining natural beauty and local friendliness. 

Mango Beach

Mango Beach in Sarande is one of Albania’s best-kept secrets, with its sapphire sea and sun-kissed dazzling white sand. Mango Beach, located on the southern tip of Albania, bordering Greece, is a flawless slice of sweet Southern Mediterranean bliss. Sarande is known for its rich cultural history and is close to the ancient city of Butrint.

This ancient Greek and Roman town are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Suleiman the Magnificent, who attacked Corfu in 1537, also built Lekuresi Castle nearby. Mango Beach also has a vibrant nightlife and entertainment scene. The vibrant cosmopolitan vibe of the town comes alive at night with fantastic clubs, while lazy days can be spent soaking up the sun. 

Bunec Beach

Bunec Beach is a peaceful and beautiful location near Saranda in Albania. With a mountain backdrop, it provides an opportunity to connect with Albania’s natural beauty. Bunec’s water is crystal clear and the gorgeous shade of blue-green found only in the Ionian Sea, littered with white pebbles.

Tourists would have no difficulty finding a quiet and secluded spot due to the remote location. As it flows into the sea, a small river that flows down the mountains divides the beach here. Bunec beach is known for its beauty on the Albanian Riviera, and it does not disappoint. While this is not a party beach, this is one of the finest beaches for experiencing nature in all its glory. 

Potami Beaches

Looking for a beach in Albania that has something for everyone? Potami Beach is one of the largest in the Himare region, offering a unique combination of Greek and Albanian culture beneath clear blue skies and sun-kissed sand. Potami means “river” in Greek, and the water that flows here is crisp, cold, and soothing, popping up from exclusive submerged springs that flow all year. 

Potami Beach is also close to Llamani Beach and its majestic cliffside, which can be reached by land, kayak, or yacht for those who can’t get enough of the clear blue sea. While the beaches themselves are busy, the cliff sides and nearby coast are quiet, providing visitors with a peaceful respite with which to relax and take in the area’s immense natural beauty.
The Potami backdrop is fringed with greenery, adding to the natural feel of this stretch of the Albanian Riviera.


Beaches are one of the most popular tourist destinations in Albania. If there was a competition to determine the best beach in the world, Albania would be a top candidate. One of the best things about all of Albania’s beautiful beaches is that the majority of them are completely untouched, making them even more special.