Albania: The Lost Gem of Europe with Beautiful Beaches 2021


The Lost Gem of Europe with Beautiful Beaches 2021

Many of us may not know that Mother Theresa was from Albania. Just like the kindest person the world has ever come across, Albania has so much beauty and cultural history to offer. Sparkling white sand with turquoise seas of this South European country will make you forget the Maldives. Yes, South Europe! Albania borders Montenegro, Kosovo, Greece, and Macedonia with its riviera touching the Adriatic Sea, across which lies Italy. The relatively unexplored beaches are rather a delight to find in Europe, and Albania has many at a much less cost. It’s a shame that masses are oblivious of nature’s gem. So, folks! Let’s end this oblivion and explore.

Ksamil Beach:

Ksamil is a small sea town in the south of Sarandë. It is a collection of small beaches with the softest white sand surrounded by rugged green mountains. The water is very blue, and you can practically swim to the nearby two islands. Ksamil has the best mix of the Mediterranean climate with all the luxury around. It is one of the most famous beaches in Albania. You can rent a kayak and can explore the rather unexplored islands around. Although in o9the summer season you must pay for the beach chairs. It is one of the best places in Albania to relax and enjoy.

Dhermi Beach

It is located on the slope of the Ceraunian mountain. It is known for its traditional stone and wooden houses. The scenery is dotted with breathtaking churches and nature around. It extends up to 2.5km and is just 8km from Gjipe beach. Dhermi beach has a very lively nightlife with beach bars and cafes. Not only this, but one can also see the Corfu Island of Greece from the shores of Dhermi. In the southwest is the Ionian Sea, and the best part, there are also many monasteries to visit by. Panagia Monastery and St. Stephen’s Church are some sights to see. To top it all, it is very affordable with competitive prices. The cheapest prices you can find for such beauty in the whole of Europe with all the luxury to accompany your journey.

Beach of Durrës, Albania

Beach of Durrës is the longest sand beach you can find among the south Albanian riviera. It is 10.5km long with amazing sand and sparkling water. It provides the best location for beach weddings with stunning views and many top-notch hotels nearby. Among those notable hotels is Adriatik Hotel. Beach weddings can be a considerable burden when considering destination weddings, but Incredible-Albania has crafted the best of this experience for you. Covering all the management and other costs with a complimentary cake, overseeing the beautiful sunset of Durrës you can say your vows to the eternal love of your life.

Himarë Beach

Behold the adventurers! Himarë beach sounds like a hobbit town with its fortified stone houses and an occasional hike. The sapphire waters are ever so fresh with a cool breeze rattling the olive and citrus trees nearby. It has two bays. The contrast of white and blue is the absolute picture of a perfect beach. For the people who love history, there is the Himarë castle, which dates to 2000 years. Natively called Kalaja e Himarës. What’s exciting is it is not one solitary castle, but a collection of small forts. It strongly reminds me of the Alhambra Palaces in Spain, with an arid view of Cappadocia, Turkey. Guess what? All this for a lesser price than Spain or even Turkey. If you are lucky, you may also find the remains of Greek schools dating back to the 8 th or 6 th century.

Gjipe Beach

I was saving the best for the last. Gjipe beach is heaven on earth, and no I am not exaggerating. You can relax away from your summer with very few people around on the beach. The canyon of Gjipe also holds a lot of wonders. It is not that easy to get up there, but it is worth the effort. It is located between Iljas and Veno. You can reach there by hiking the Monastery of St. Theodore, a great sight to see. However, if you just wish to enjoy the beach, it is also magnificent. Arid hills surround the beach, and the sunsets are one of their kind. To sum it all, there are many beaches in Albania that you can explore. There is the added advantage of fewer tourists and rather affordable prices hard to find in Europe elsewhere. Hence, the lost gem is ready to be found. Send yourself on a journey, to find new things about yourself and life.


Albania has so much beauty and cultural history to offer. Sparkling white sand with turquoise seas of this South European country will make you forget the Maldives, at much less cost.